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The Voipswitch Platform platform is a solution for service providers, enabling deployment of various VoIP services. The platform consists of the software modules which can be installed in the provider’s network or hosted in a the cloud, letting customers connect through Internet – OTT (Over The Top) services.

The core of the platform is a softswitch, which is a network element responsible for accepting traffic from clients, performing call control related tasks and then passing the traffic to destinations. This flow is a base the basis for various flavors of VoIP telephony services as there is always a customer – subscriber and the termination party, either another subscriber within the network (Onnet) or outside the network (Offnet), for example a PTSN terminal.

Depending on the client (customer) type, the business can be divided oninto:

  • Wholesale - carrier to carrier,
  •  Retail – home or business subscribers.

Since the services, or at least some parts of them, are paid, you as a provider will need a charging mechanism plus all the billing tools for keeping the accounts, invoice invoicing customers, manage managing currencies, etc. That This is all is already included as an integral part of the softswitch.

Besides the switching and charging functions the platform delivers many additional features enhancing services such as IVR for calling cards, PBX special functions, Voicemail, Fax and other others described in details detail in further chapters.

Those extra modules allows allow you to provide additional VoIP services including:

  • Calling cards – PIN and PINLess
  • PBX/Unified Communication – for business customers (virtual office)
  • Callshops Callshops
  • Callback