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This view allows user to set his profile information and manage his public IDs.

Going from the top the first options that a user can change is the profile picture and status text.




Profile picture (avatar)


Profile picture can be taken from a phone camera or be chosen from the camera roll.




When a new picture is loaded the application updates the file on the server. This picture is shown to all other users who has the user added as a contact. Also, even if someone do not have you in his contacts when you call him or send a message your picture will appear in number of places such as recent, incoming call popup, chats list and chat conversation view.

The resolution of the avatar is 600x600.


Status text (description)


The text is delivered to all other users who have you in the Contacts or have any communication with you. It is always shown next to your avatar.



If you signed up with the phone number this field will be empty. It is because you do not really need a password in this case as the application stores the authentication credentials and does not ask for authentication when you open it next time. If you log out from the Settings menu the application will start with the initial sign up/log in screen. But even then if you use the same phone and enter the same phone number the system will let you in without any additional authentication.

The password is needed if you want to log in to the VUP (Voipswitch User Portal) or to the PC version (Windows or Mac).


Profile details


The personal information added in the Profile details menu is publicly available to other users. You can be also found by your first and last name from the Find Friends menu.


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