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The GUI of the dialers keeps the particular platform’s design guidelines. Although their look differ across the platforms the organization of the menus and functions remain the same.

  • Navigation menu

  • Extended menu
  • Main screen

The main screen presents views chosen using navigation or extended menu. The default view shown in the main screen is “Contacts” view.


iPhoneAndroidBlackBerryWindows Phone


Navigation menu


The menu fixed icons include “Contacts”, “Recents”, “Chats” and “Extended menu”. The fourth icon shows the last used view from the extended menu. By default this icon is set to “Dialpad”.


iPhoneAndroidBlackBerryWindows Phone



Extended menu


This view combines the additional menus with the user profile picture (avatar) and his status text (description). 






Selecting one of the menus from the list below the avatar will bring the main screen back with the selected view in it. The top menu remain visible.

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