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With the RCS client a user can be logged in from multiple devices at the same time using the same account. The limit in their number is configurable on the server. By default it is set to allow up to three different mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) and one PC, Web and MAC softphone at the same time. Each device is recognized by the RCS platform by the instance ID which is generated based on a combination of certain hardware parameters.

Sharing account lets you use the same balance for paid services. Also if you have a minutes plan (bundle) it will be used for calling from any device or softphone.

Sharing one account


During the signup process you can choose whether you want to create an account with a username (ID) and password or with the phone number. If you chose the former then you have already the username and password pair which can be used to log in to another device or softphone.

If you registered with phone number you will need a password. In order to set a password go to the My Profile menu and fill the Password field.

Note: you can log in to the dialer using the following:

  • Username (service ID) and password
  • Phone number and password

On another device or softphone choose the log in option (usually labelled as “I have already have an account”) on the main screen and fill the appropriate fields.

One service ID, many phone numbers


One user account can have only one service ID which can be created during signup or later from the My Profile menu. With phone number it is different as the number is always associated with a device identifier so if a user has multiple devices he can also have many phone numbers. To add new phone number log in to another device either with a phone number and password or service id and go to the My Profile. The phone number field will be empty as no number has been assigned yet. Enter the number and go through the verification process. Your RCS user is now seen under both or more of your numbers, so if someone has either of your numbers in his smartphone’s contacts he will be able to reach you through the RCS service. Regardless of which number is called it will ring on all of your devices.

Calls and messages forking


Each device when logged in keeps the registration with the server. When there is an incoming call the server will fork the call to each registered instances of the same account so it will ring on each device. Once answered on any of them it will stop ringing on the others.

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