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Group chat allows for conversation of up to 100 participants. The features utilizes a combination of the WebAPI (EMCD) for group management logic and the SIP protocol for instant messaging. The feature is available only for the RCS users, it does not support OFFNET SMS.

Creating a new group chat is available from the Chats menu. The initial screen allows for entering a group chat subject, group avatar (both of the properties are optional) and to select the participants from the list of the RCS contacts. The group is then created on the server and from there the invitations are sent to the participants.  


Invitations come as a chat message and are shown in the Chat menu as a separate thread. The invitee will join the group only when he opens the thread. Only then he will start receiving messages from other members who already joined the group. Any messages sent prior to joining are now shown.

When a new member joins the group there is a notification shown in the group conversation window. Similarly a message is shown when a member has left the group. 


Conversation screen

The group chat conversation window support similar features to that of the one to one chat. The functions include:

  • typing indicator - showing who from the members is typing a message 
  • attachments - video, audio, picture and location
  • emoticons

In addition, the group chat supports deferred messages and PUSH notification. Even when a user closes the app the messages will keep coming as PUSH notifications. When a user logs in to the app the messages stored on the server will be downloaded. 

Group administrators

Groups are permanent and stay on the server until the admin decides to close it. The user who started the group becomes its administrator, he can however leave the group without having to close it. In this case the platform automatically makes the admin the next group member.

The system allows for multiple administrator members. The difference between a regular member and an administrator is that a group administrator can make admin any other member, also he can remove the admin rights from another admin member. Also, only the group admins can add new participants to the group.


Group settings 

The group settings screen can be available through a menu or by tapping on the group name on the top bar, depending on the UI implementation. In that screen a user can:

    • change the group avatar, 
    • change the group subject 
    • see the members list with their actual group status, i.e.: invitation pending, joined, left
    • see who from the members has the admin rights
    • make a call or one to one chat with any of the member by clicking on its name
    • see other member profile details
    • see the information on when and by who the group was created
    • leave the group
    • see the gallery of multimedia files exchanged in the group chat
    • email the chat history
    • clear the chat (only locally)


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