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When you install the dialer the very first screen which you see contains two options:

  • Sign up, which is for creating a new account
  • Log in, which lets you log in with existing credentials





The sign up offers two methods each based on a different public identity, i.e. how other users can communicate with you. One of the method uses a phone number as the public ID and the other a user created username, also called a service ID (e.g. Vippie ID as on the pictures in the document).

Signing up with phone number has some advantages, first of all the other RCS users who have your number in their contacts will be immediately notified with a message that a new user joined the service. The contact with your number will be then marked as the RCS user with the RCS features (IM, video, free call, presence etc.) enabled.


First time registration with phone number


A user has to select country from the drop down menu. By default the code is retrieved from the phone’s SIM card. On Android devices also the phone number is read from the SIM, however not always it is possible. If there is no information about the number a user has to enter it manually. It is also the case with the iOS devices which in general block access to the information about the SIMs phone number.


iPhoneAndroidBlackBerryWindows Phone



Tapping the next button will trigger a request to the RCS platform to send an SMS with verification code. The verification code is a 4 digits number which user has to enter in the next screen of the sign up process.





The purpose of sending SMS   is to verify if the phone number provided by the user really belongs to him. If for some reason the SMS cannot reach the user’s phone the user can request a callback. The platform initiates a call to the phone’s number and when connected the IVR plays the code’s digits. This method also ensures that the number is in fact reachable in the GSM network. To activate callback the user has to tap on “never got the code” and follow the instructions.




First time registration with user ID and password


Registering with username requires a user to provide his email address. In order to verify the address the RCS platforms sends an email with an activation link. The account creation request is registered on the server the moment the user enters username and password and tap the sign up button. It remains in the inactive state until the link from email is clicked.  The country code is needed to properly populate phone numbers dialed from dialpad or contacts.




Why do I need the Vippie ID (service ID)


It is a username like for example in Skype. If you want to communicate with other user you have to pass him your username so he can add to his contacts. Adding via username is realized through the Find friends menu.

A user may prefer a service ID in the case if he does not want his phone number to be associated with the service.

Service ID can be also used on devices where there is no phone number associated like tablets.

Adding phone number


If you sign up with the service ID still you can add a phone number at any moment from the My Profile menu by filling the phone number field and going through the verification process the same as for signup. The phone number will be then assigned to the existing account as another public ID.


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