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The client account is an entity in the system which groups all properties describing particular client. The properties consist of the authentication credentials, authorization, billing and service related parameters which define the call control behavior.

The accounts are divided into four types. Two of them are basic types which represent SIP endpoints. They are wholesale and retail types. The latter is used also for Calling Cards and Callback scenarios in which the caller is identified as the retail client in the 2nd stage authentication.

The other two types are compound accounts which consists of subaccounts of the basic type. The compound types are used for UC/PBX and Callshop services.

The basic types correspond to two major service models that can be deployed on voipswitch, namely, retail and wholesale. Even though they both work with SIP endpoints yet there are some significant differences which require special handling and distinct properties.

The accounts are kept in the database in voipswitch schema, each of the types in separate table. These data are shared among all applications belonging to voipswitch platform.

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