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The VoipSwitch User Portal (VUP) is a self-care customer portal combining functionalities of the OTT/ RCS client with the account management and billing.

Its layout is arranged in a way similar to the mobile OTT clients with the quick access to main menus located on the top bar:

  • Chats

  • Recents

  • Contacts

  • Find friends

  • Dialpad


The RCS contacts are shown with their presence status and quick action buttons initiating chat or call with the contact.

The My profile and account menus allow a user to manage her/his account.

The calling functions are realized using the WebRTC media engine which guarantees an unrivaled voice and video quality experience directly from a browser.

Users can make calls directly from a browser to VoIP native applications built for various operating systems and yet benefit from the use of peer to peer fully encrypted communication, perfectly clear OPUS coded audio calls and fidelity of VP8 video.

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