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The Onlineshop is a module whose role is to handle electronic transactions. It allows for payments by credit cards, Paypal and various e-wallet solutions. As of today there is more than 50 different payment gateways supported by the onlineshop.

The module is a web application running on IIS server (Windows). It is fully integrated with VUP and mobile RCS clients.


The types of supported transactions include:

  • Credit cards payments
  • Electronic wallets
  • In app mobile payments (Apple, Google)
  • International Mobile Top UP (IMTU)
  • User to user balance transfer


Transactions can be initiated by a client or by the platform. The latter divides into:

  • Subscriptions -  periodic payments, e.g. for a plan or DID
  • Autorecharge – automatic payment triggered by the low account balance


VUP Top up

Clients can manage their accounts through the self-care portal. When clicking on the top up button the payment selection popup is shown. Depending on the selected provider’s type the client is then redirected to the provider’s web page or is presented with the credit card payment form within VUP.

Mobile clients

Top up on mobile softphones can be implemented using following methods:

  • In app payment – the onlineshop supports Google inApp and Apple inApp Purchase
  • Through VUP mobile page – a web page opened within the application


The “in app” method uses existing accounts with the stores (Google play and AppStore). The other method gives wider choice to the client as there can be multiple payment systems, however its use can be limited on some platforms (Apple).



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